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A wash 'n' brush up for your dog before returning home?  When checking in your dog for boarding just let us know that you want your dog to have a wash and brush up before returning home and we'll arrange for him/her to be bathed, blow dried and brushed ready to greet you on your return. Alternatively, try our excellent grooming facilities - we operate one of the top dog groomer training colleges in the country, training hundreds of groomers from the UK and overseas every year.  Our teaching is to the highest standards, training dog stylists who go on to work in some of the top grooming salons or start their own grooming businesses - so you can be assured of the skills and experience of our staff in supervising your dog's grooming.


Within our site at Little Ees Lane we have one of the country’s leading dog groomer training schools, The Academy at Fir Tree. Here we train some of the leading dog stylists from the UK and overseas. One of the most important aspects of our training course is the hands-on grooming and styling of various breeds of dogs. We're always looking for suitable models for inclusion in our dog grooming training courses.

If you own a groomed breed of dog, any breed and no matter how long since it was last groomed, call us to discuss including your dog on our list of available grooming models. We don’t charge a grooming fee (saving you a lot of money in having your dog regularly groomed), we charge only for materials used whilst grooming your dog. We guarantee that each of our grooming models is treated with great care and respect all of the time that he/she is with us and our students are supervised by our very experienced and qualified instructors at all times.

Each of our models receives individual attention and an individual groom to very high standards – we have to teach the best to be the best! All of our grooming dog models are groomed under the instruction and supervision of our professional teaching groomers (qualified and experienced both in dog grooming and in teaching) and have a vast knowledge across all breeds of groomed dogs. Your dog will be returned to you groomed in a style that is reflective of the breed of dog, often to a better standard than is achieved in many of today’s ‘commercial’ salons.

Once your dog is on our list of grooming models we will be pleased to rebook his/her next grooming appointment so that they return to us when the next grooming date is due. Part of every grooming appointment includes a general check of your pet and it's coat, skin, eyes, ears and teeth. We can often alert owners to signs or symptoms of potential medical problems, so that you have an opportunity to discuss these with your vet at an earlier stage. 

We are committed to providing excellent service to all of our clients. The following is a list of services we provide:

  • Bathing
  • Coat grooming
  • Nails Clipped
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Scissor Finish Styling
  • Advice

We will be pleased to discuss with you any grooming needs for your dog. For further information or to book an appointment, please call us. We need a large number of dogs for grooming training, across all breeds of dog, so we have over 700 grooming models on our list at any one time! Those who are already registered with us are constantly pleased with the grooming results that they receive – in fact, impressed! – and they wouldn’t have their dogs groomed anywhere else.

The cost of this fantastic service to you the dog owner?

A nominal fee of £15 for any breed of dog, because you are helping us with our teaching requirements for our dog grooming students - this covers materials used. Call us to make an appointment or for any further information you may require.

Further details of our requirements and of Dog Grooming @ The Academy can be found by following this link:

Dog Grooming in Manchester


The Grooming Academy are members of the British Dog Groomers Association


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